The Gospel of Thomas

Course Description

The Gospel of Thomas was discovered in 1945 among the texts at Nag Hammadi in Upper Egypt. Unlike the other gospels, which typically consist of narrative accounts interpreting the life of jesus of Nazareth, the Gospel of Thomas focuses specifically upon the sayings of Jesus. The gospel, itself, claims that these sayings, when properly understood, communicate salvation nd life, as it begins with “Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death.” Accepted by most theologians as the most outstanding find in the history of CHristianity, the Gospel of Thomas is little understood by most. This gospel offers evidence that the teachings of Jesus were based on mysticism and that the Biblical texts commonly in use today have been altered and distorted to comply with the structures and awareness of fundamentatl religions. It is important for St. Thomas Christian Church clergy to understand the mystical teachings contained within the Gospel of Thomas.

Study guides relateive to the text are to be completed and returned to the Center.

Credits 1 Credit Hour

Required Reading
The Gospel of Thomas – Marvin Meyer


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