Process of Awakening

Kabalah: A Process of Awakening

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New class begins April 3, 2024 at 6-8 p.m.

Weekly classes will be held online through Zoom until further notice. Details about the class will be sent to each student. Everyone can tune in. It is very easy. You just have to click the link that that will be sent to you on a weekly basis. Classes include a meditation (20 min.), lecture / discussion (60 min.) and next lesson reading (30 min.)

Universal Tree of Life

Just what is this “Kabalah” that in recent years has become a household word? It seems now that it is a sort of generic term, much the same as one would say education, which can relate to a variety of systems and levels. For instance, in elementary school basic mathematics are studied, then in high school higher applications such as geometry and calculus may be studied, and finally while in college, these subjects are integrated into a profession or vocation, a state of being, one might say.

For thirty years the Karin Kabalah Center has presented the study of Kabalah as it relates to the mystical tradition, which in a sense, could be said to relate to a university or college level of education wherein one not only studies subjects but also becomes the status to which they relate, such as a physician, an attorney, etc. What does one become when he/she utilizes the Kabalah as a tool or process of discovery? Simply said, one becomes himself or herself. To cite an example of just what mysticism is — we all know the taste of an orange, and knowing that taste is vastly important for the use of oranges in recipes. Now substitute the word “yourself” for “orange.” It is important for us to know ourselves so that the recipes we concoct in life are appropriate for that taste, otherwise those experiences can be either nonproductive or even painful. Just as becoming a physician requires not only the study of medicine, but the integration of the ability to practice as a physician, so does the becoming of oneself require the same. Through a process that includes the use of archetypes, meditation and a synthesis of the important essentials found in psychology, theology, science and philosophy, one finds the power of his/her true being. There are no shortcuts, no magic formulas and no outer activity that can lead to this inner freedom of self so desperately sought after and needed in our world today.

The TREE OF LIFE is one of the oldest and most powerful archetypes in existence. Through unconscious recognition and identification with the Tree and through the use of the Pathways connecting its principles in the practice of meditation, as well as in their daily application to the life experience, one finds oneself becoming free from the stress and pressure resulting from immersion within the external world. This freedom leads to a fuller life experience applying one’s individuality (or taste) where it is appropriate and also in ways that serve all mankind as we move into a new world consciousness.

This new world requires that we become spiritual adults, a state in which we are responsible for our lives, our actions and our experiences. It also requires that we respect each others individualism and their right to bring that individualism (taste) into their own patterns (recipes). This cannot be achieved as long as mankind is attached to or co-dependent with anything or anyone outside of himself and while the journey may not always be easy, the freedom and power gained far exceeds the effort expended. It is then that the beauty of the world and oneself truly shines. It is also very exciting to discover the reality of one’s being — sometimes it is even very surprising!

Kabalah may be mysticism, but it is not a mystery. A mystery can be solved, even the mystery of just who we are. Mysticism is the realization of that mystery and its power of freedom in a personal as well as universal world that often seems unfree. Mysticism is what empowers the solved mystery and power can only be described by that which is empowered

Just as there are many tastes in our world, each unique and individual unto itself, we as soul beings, each have our individual taste and the journey of life demands we discover it.

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